Smarttours - Afonso Lopes

Afonso da Costa Lopes

Afonso was born in Lisbon and early fall in love for the village of Ericeira and chose it as a place to live. Its enormous passion for travel led him to found Smarttours, a way for our clients to discover a different way to know Portugal, and know better the places and history, running away from some popular places never failing to appreciate the best of Portugal offers us, without any rush and making every ride a unique experience.
Afonso loves sharing travel experiences and know all the peoples of the world. Traveled all over the world, from Brazil to Hawaii, through Europe and North Africa.

Afonso is concerned to ensure that everyone will have the best possible experience while traveling with Smarttours.

Smarttours - Joao Maria

João Maria Jorge

João was born in Lisbon but early began to spend his holidays in Ericeira, by the Atlantic shore.
It was there that he became his passion for the sea, traveling by foot or bicycle by Ericeira coast discovering the best waves for surfing. The surf and the willingness to share experience of riding waves, caused him to obtain in 1998 the certification of surf instructor on the waves of Ericeira, now World Surfing Reserve.

In his free time, and always in the company of his faithful canine companion, we can find him in his motorhome on any Portuguese deserted beach enjoying nature at its best.