Hunting Reserve of Mafra – Half day tour

Mafra – Tapada Nacional de Mafra (Hunting Reserve of Mafra)

The Mafra Hunting Reserve was created in 1747 with the goal of providing an adequate involvement of the palace, to constitute a space for hunting’s pleasure for the King and his court, and also to provide firewood and other products to the Convent. With an area of 1187 hectares, the Mafra Hunting Reserve is surrounded by a wall with a length of 16 Km From the XVIII century to the establishment of the Republic, was privileged leisure and hunting place of the Portuguese monarchs, however being in the reigns of D. Luís (1861-1899) and D. Carlos (1899-1908) that the hunting Reserve met his golden period as a game park.

You can enjoy the place various the park activities, such as pedestrian trails or touristic train rides accompanied by a guide.

Equipment provided:

– Binoculars
– Maps
– Compass

Equipment to bring by the participants:

– Warm clothes or waterproof (depending on weather conditions)
– Hat
– Sun Cream
– Practical and comfortable footwear
– Loose and comfortable clothes that do not hinder movement (avoid jeans)
– Camera to record good times.

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Minimum 4 to 8 person –                       40€ (4 a 5 pax) and 35€ (6 a 8 pax) per person

(25€ for children under 10 years old)

*Entrance fees included.

Free for children up to 4 years old when accompanied by an adult.