Mafra – Royal Palace

Half-day Tour

Our tour starts towards to Mafra, where you visit the largest Royal Palace of Portugal.

D.João V, “King Magnanimous” (1706-1750), built a of Royal Palace in the town of Mafra in fulfillment of the promise made if the Queen gave him a child. The magnificent monument – built at a time of great prosperity as a result of royal exploration of gold and diamonds from Brazil – is a masterpiece of Portuguese Baroque Style. Apart from the function of Royal Palace, this monument was also a Monastery and also a Basilica. The Royal Palace has an imposing frontage of 220 meters and has over 600 rooms and 5200 windows and doors.

The palace has to support a park about 20 km perimeter, Tapada Nacional de Mafra (Hunting Reserve of to Mafra).

Duration: 4 hours (morning or afternoon)

Equipment provided:

– Binoculars
– Maps
– Compass

Equipment to bring by the participants:

– Warm clothes or waterproof (depending on weather conditions)
– Hat
– Sun Cream
– Practical and comfortable footwear
– Loose and comfortable clothes that do not hinder movement (avoid jeans)
– Camera to record good times.

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Minimum 4 to 8 person –           40€ (4 a 5 pax) and 35€ (6 a 8 pax) per person

(25€ for children under 10 years old)

*Entrance fees included. 

Free for children up to 4 years old when accompanied by an adult.