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Royal Palace & Tapada Nacional de Mafra

Whole day tour
Our tour starts towards to Mafra, where you visit the largest Royal Palace of Portugal.
D. João V, “King Magnanimous” (1706-1750), built a of Royal Palace in the town of Mafra in fulfillment of the promise made…

Mafra - Palácio

Smarttours | Tours Mafra - Palácio

Mafra – Royal Palace

Half-day tours
The magnificent monument – built at a time of great prosperity as a result of royal exploration of gold and diamonds from Brazil – is a masterpiece of Portuguese Baroque Style. Apart from the function of Royal Palace…

Mafra – Tapada Nacional

Smarttours | Tours Mafra - Tapada Nacional

Tapada Nacional de Mafra

Half day tour
The Mafra Hunting Reserve was created in 1747 with the goal of providing an adequate involvement of the palace, to constitute a space for hunting’s pleasure for the King and his court, and also to provide firewood and other products to the Convent. With an area of 1187 hectares, the Mafra Hunting Reserve…


Smarttours | Tours Mafra - Palácio


Half day Tour
Discover Lisbon as anyone! A stroll through the capital from one end to the other, from modern Parque da Nações, and Lisbon Oceanarium, to the Baixa, the eternal city center


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Whole day
The Berlengas archipelago is a group of small islands 10 to 15 kilometers off the Portuguese coast, west of the town of Peniche in Oeste region. British mariners traditionally knew these islands as “the Burling’s”…